domenica, settembre 18, 2011

About the "SAW" project

I've decided to challenge myself and I've taken part in a project by Polymer Clay Italia. Its patricipants have to present a new item every week for one year.
I know myself, and I know that I'm completey lost if I don't have an idea, or a subject to work on, so I've decided to explore sqaure shapes.

With this project I'm challenging my creativity, and most of all my constancy... or lack thereof! I hope I can make it, it would be a tremendous achievement for me.
Plus, it is a great way of experimenting with new techniques with which I'm not yet familiar.

Every piece of this project will have the "SAW" (square a week) acronym on its back and will be numbered.
The items won't be for sale, at least until the I've completed the whole project, only then I'll decide what to make of them.

I'll dedicate a blogpost to every new piece, and all of them will have the "SAW" label, so that they can easily be found inside the blog.

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